Thursday, October 27, 2005

Realizing Drives Innovation and Implementation

In the prior post I introduced respecting as a leadership practice that brought the values lead and follow together as powerfully interchangeable within the same person or within a relationship with one or many. My primary intention for this model is to include these two values that are often in tension, in a synergistic way.

For the names of the tetrahedron's other two corners I chose the values, Innovate and Implement, because of they are fundamental to any enterprise and because a tension usually exists between them as well. Innovate is about doing something previously unknown while implement is about doing something already known. These qualities go a long way to explain the cultures of engineering and production which, in spite of their differences must productively coexist. Realizing is a leadership practice common to both; something previously unknown is realized by innovation and something already known is realized by implementation.

That realizing and respecting are opposite each other in the model makes good sense. Respecting is a practice in the context of roles in a collaboration or organization, while realizing is a practice in the context of achieving results by visualization and contribution. I have some visualization of what this post is about and I am contributing from my understanding and both occur because I am in the process of realizing this post.

With no respecting, in the absence of collaboration and organization, roles are unlikely to be appropriate. With no realizing, in the absence of visualizing actions and contributing energies there are unlikely to be results. Realizing and respecting are necessary and complementary leadership practices.

[The image names an edge and two sides of the tetrahedral model, A Vision of Leadership (now Leadership for Collaboration and Innovation)]

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