Saturday, October 29, 2005

Structuring - How Leaders Implement.

Previously I introduced the two pairs of leadership values, lead and follow, innovate and implement, each value being held in relationship to it's pair by a leadership practice. The tetrahedron connects every value so there are four more combinations of values, each driving a specific practice.

is the practice whereby a leader supports implementation. As a leader my role is to provide a structure for my actions and others'. Specific outcomes of structuring are my visualization of what I would like implemented and the organization I believe is necessary to do so. Alternatively, if I want to implement something, I lead by being clear about what I want and by assembling the resources to accomplish it.

In an email inquiry, Skip Angel asked how, as a leader, he would know if he had accomplished these things. We know when we have a visualization (possibly a plan) and an organization - their presence is binary and easily measured and we are unable to act on our values lead and implement without these outcomes. Additionally, our visualization and organization will be degraded unless all their components are active. They will be described here shortly and are already described in A Vision of Leadership (now Leadership for Collaboration and Innovation). This suggests a check list would useful and that may be the best application of this Vision of Leadership. One might say it is a three dimensional check list identifying the systemic role of each item - each key element of leadership as expressed in this model.

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