Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Vision of Leadership - A Heartfelt Vision

This is a physical model - illumination on a screen or printing on a surface. It is a mental model - ideas expressed as words in relationship, the projections of my recalled experience and formulated beliefs. It is presently an abstraction, an intellectual model. It is a map and not the territory.

It is unlikely that I can consciously and simultaneously focus upon the four values, six practices and four outcomes which, as a matrix of human energy contain the 'totality' of leadership as described. It may be possible that this vision of leadership can convey the complexity of the task and allow me to feel wonder when I am lucky enough to experience another's leadership and feel humility when someone responds to our own. At some level I suspect I manifest these (incidentally) fourteen qualities more or less according to the degree I can get out of my own way. So perhaps its initial value lies in appreciating what parts of it make sense and of those parts that do not make sense, whether I need to change my interpretations or my experience.

As I get into explicating this vision, starting with my next post, those of you who come across this blog and go on to look at the model and find something of interest are invited to critique and comment, to contribute to shaping and refining the vision. Truth emerges from radical honesty in relationships. Is it just possible that a heartfelt vision actually becomes the territory?

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