Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Vision of Leadership - A Tetrahedral Model!

Among the classic geometric solids, a tetrahedron has the unique qualities that each corner is connected to every other corner by an edge and that each face is connected to every other face, also by an edge. When a subject is unpacked by naming the corners, edges and faces in ways that comprehend these connections, we have a systemic, non-linear model unachievable with the more usual two-dimensional, drawn representations. I have used this process many times, applying it with clients as an envisioning or strategizing tool.

In the early days of working with tetrahedra, Prasad Kaipa and I had envisioned a clickable, rotatable, electronic image to replace the sometimes awkward 'unfolded' two dimensional representation but we never pursued it. Meanwhile, over some ten years, my research and consulting increasingly addressed leadership and I had sketched out many 'leadership pyramids.' Early this year I started an html design and with occasional spurts of effort progressed until I had something to upload this month. Unfortunately the model, A Vision of Leadership (now Leadership for Collaboration and Innovation), must reside elsewhere because text-oriented Blogger is unsuited to the image-linking aspect of the design. However, Blogger provides an ideal environment in which to air the model and receive feedback, which I invite.

(Later note. I apologize for the spelling error in the title. Unfortunately if I correct it the URL of this page changes and there are many references in this blog and external databases that will then be unable to connect to this original page.)

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