Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Organization for Implementation

leader-followerThis post continues a series that presents a model of leadership for comments. The image below is one side of a tetrahedral realization of the model that can be viewed interactively and somewhat nonlinearly in A Vision of Leadership (now Leadership for Collaboration and Innovation).

Organization is one of four key facets in this description of leadership. It is the process that permits people to lead and follow as they implement what has been visualized. The intentions to lead and implement are fulfilled by structuring (e.g. focusing and ordering) energies of thought and action. The intentions to follow and implement are fulfilled by conforming thoughts and actions to already identified requirements. Lastly, respecting the values lead and follow permits the versatility of roles that is necessary to implement, i.e. to lead in what you do while following within another's framework.

An organization chart describes a static organization that manages power, usually expressed in an enterprise as managing cost. The chart is meaningful to the extent the organization it represents effectively contributes to implementation. The structuring, conforming and respecting implied by the chart are leadership practices that bring about and maintain the distribution of power in the organization.

Organization is also about oneself. I can lead by making a decision and, respecting that decision, follow through. In order to implement I structure my thoughts and actions, while conforming to personal constraints and those in my environment. As an aspect of leadership, organization has interwoven internal and external components.

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