Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Six Practices Through Others' Eyes

The Vaclav Havel quote about vision reminded me of the potential of another voice or two to deepen the ideas expressed here. These quotes reference the recently described leadership practices from "A Vision of Leadership:"

  • "Achievement results from work realizing ambition." - Adam Ant (from BrainyQuote)
  • "There is nothing respecting which a man may be so long unconscious as of the extent and strength of his prejudices." - Francis Jeffrey (from BrainyQuote)
  • "Oh, the miraculous energy that flows between two people who care enough to get beyond surfaces and games, who are willing to take the risks of being totally open, of listening, of responding with the whole heart. How much we can do for each other." - Alex Noble (from BrainyQuote)
  • "The thickness of the proposal required to win a multimillion-dollar contract is about one millimetre per million dollars. If all the proposals conforming to this standard were piled on top of each other at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, it would probably be a good idea." - Norman R. Augustine (from BrainyQuote)
  • "There is another aspect of teamwork that takes place in improvisation: different people take the lead at different times, in a manner contrary to the traditional hierarchical style of management. Consequently, each person must develop the ability to both lead and follow. In an improvising team, leadership "is conferred on the person who articulates the emerging consensus of the group at the proper moment" (O'Reilly, 1994, p. 40)." - "The Improvising Organization," Malcolm Webber.
  • "Phases of the creative process: Preparation-gathering impressions Incubation-letting go of certainties Immersion/Illumination-creative intervention/risk Revision-conscious structuring and editing of creative material." - Gail Sheehy (from ThinkExist)

Now I will draft the first of the of pyramid faces for Monday.

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