Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Four Imperitives of Business Leadership

In the model "A Vision of Leadership" (now Leadership for Collaboration and Innovation), I named as values lead, follow, implement and innovate. I now recognize them as "super values" or imperatives. If anyone is leading a business or part of one or leading a project these are absolutely necessary.

Throughout I will use the word enterprise, to describe a business or project or any human undertaking.

Implement: This is what we must be done to meet the expectations of existing internal and external customers.
Innovate: This is what must be done to satisfy the (anticipated) expectations of returning or new internal and external customers.

If one implements and innovates it is possible to sustain an enterprise. The leadership practice that supports or is derived from the imperatives to implement and innovate is sustaining. Every action or decision a leader takes must stand up to the test, "does it sustain the enterprise?" Taking an organic analogy, does it sustain the life-force to the enterprise? Is it nourishing, nurturing, vitalizing?

Earlier I proposed realizing, making real . . . .

The other imperatives


Isaak Estes said...

Leaders participating in leadership program learn powerful concepts and leave with tools and skills to help them lead, support, and inspire a talented, valuable workforce.

Tevin Vidal said...

In most organizations, creativity is delegated to a few creative types who are tasked with going off on their own and coming up with new products and services.

Tevin Vidal
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