Monday, December 12, 2005

Using the Model Viewer

Leadership has never been a simple subject. It is complex because many of the qualities that describe it are related in ways that are not always obvious. We found we could penetrate this complexity with a tetrahedral model. When you read a piece like the one below you may find it helpful to open A Vision of Leadership from the link on the right in a separate window. Select any aspect of leadership to open the viewer, close the large window and position the viewer alongside the blog. (Actually, you can keep it open for reference any time.) Manipulate the position of the tetrahedron to reveal relationships among the qualities of leadership that are not so easily described visually with two dimensional illustrations.

Note added 1/10/06.
Since this post I have found it preferable to eliminate popup windows. Now all windows are the same size and for greater clarity, the "viewer" is extended to include the description of the model feature that has been selected.

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