Thursday, December 08, 2005

What more would be possible if . . . . .

  • we were more intelligently adaptable about when to lead and follow?
  • as leaders, when one of our followers is ready to lead, we encourage that person to lead while we temporarily follow?
  • as followers, when we know we will receive support from our leaders and know we have something to contribute, we adopt a leadership role?
  • our institutions from families to schools to business to churches supported us in our development as leader-followers?
  • you and I and everyone accepted that we can choose to lead and choose to follow according to our innate and developing sense of what is appropriate?
  • you and I and everyone cultivated a sensibility to other's choices about whether they should lead or follow according to their perception of what is appropriate?
  • rather than stereotyping others as leaders or followers, we adopted the expectation that everyone can be either according to their perception of what would work best for them and others in a given situation?
If as a leader, you find yourself thinking there would be chaos if these circumstances arose, can you be certain that today you are really in control and there is no chaos? Surely, given the consequential increased participation and responsibility-taking, it is worth considering instead, how these conditions can be made viable.

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