Monday, September 25, 2006

Free Leadership Coaching !!!

(A Vision of) Leadership for Collaboration and Innovation is already a reference in two university courses but there's nothing like testing a leadership model using real workplace issues and have the users themselves report the results. Hence this experiment and offer.

You are a candidate for free, confidential, leadership coaching if you:

  • Face a personal leadership challenge that you are ready to discuss with me in private.
  • Can devote one uninterrupted hour at your computer on a weekday, between 7 am and 6 pm PST.
  • Use Skype (or audio IM) + Webcam or can support my remote access to your video-conference system.
I am committed to:
  • Respond to every request. (If there are too many I will announce that.)
  • Make my best efforts, using A Vision of Leadership, to help you find a way to address the leadership challenge you face.
  • Keep the content of our conversation confidential.
To participate:
  • Email to my personal mailbox, a short (100 to 300 words) description of the issue you wish to address, including alternate dates and times for one hour of coaching together with your videoconference information.
  • During the 5 working days following your coaching session, apply what you discover.
  • Afterwards, enter a comment (anonymously if you wish) into this blog, including: the challenge, lessons from coaching, results in the workplace and observations about A Vision of Leadership.
I look forward working with you.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

A Story of Power

I was recently told about gentleman living in a city in another country, who carried a concealed pistol. There, it is very rare for a civilian to legally carry a firearm in public and, indeed, he had obtained the appropriate permit. When he was asked by a visitor what he was protecting himself against his reply was unexpected. "I am protecting myself from myself."

As I understand it, this gentleman is using the pistol as a reminder of how powerful he is, how easy it is to call on his power, how potentially dangerous his power can be and therefore how circumspect he must be in its use.

I might have been skeptical except that the story was told me by the visitor, who is someone I tend to believe. As I thought further I realized that the gentleman had provided a wonderful example. It is not that I am proposing we all carry handguns but it does make a lot of sense, before we use our power to serve an objective, to consider the downside that can come from its even accidental misuse.