Thursday, December 06, 2007

How does religious diversity impact team performance?

The person who asked this question explained, "I am doing a group project on Management class and there is not much information on this topic. We have 4 people in group and their parts are age, culture, gender. Mine is religion, religion's impact on teamwork, that's team performance." Here's my answer.

Rather than a complete answer, here's a potential starting point.

I have concluded that team performance is something to do with competences in visualization, organization, collaboration and contribution for team success. The performance of a religiously diverse team will be impacted according to the degree to which the values of the traditions represented in the team can be used to support these competencies.

The same is true for differences in age, culture and gender. I suspect there is "not much on this topic" because there is not too much to be learned from generalizations. What you need it a case study! To get to the specifics for religion, try turning your "group" into a team! Explore everyone's religious affiliation and see how each supports visualization, organization, collaboration and contribution for team success.

I referred the questioner to the self-coaching model, Leadership for Collaboration and Innovation. The same competencies are in this model, so I expect the questioner's project will quickly reveal the leadership challenges and opportunities in a religiously diverse team.

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